Trip planner

SimpleSanFrancisco lets you create a personalized guide that you can easily use during your San Francisco trip. It uses weather and Facebook API. It was built using: Flask, Python, HTML5, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy and Sqlite during Hackbright Academy.

Events finder

Findevents allows you to easily find events for your free time. It uses your primary Google Calendar. It is currently an alpha version and it is based on Eventbrite API. There is still a lot work to do. It was built using: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap.

Daily Scrum

Fed up with daily stand-ups? Daily Scrum lets you track what your team has done at any given time. Reports with updates are send to everyone within your group. This app was built with Meteor, HTML5 and CSS.

Guess Who Said That

It is a game! Lets you guess quotes said by famous people. Ready for a challenge? It is optimized for mobile :). I built it with Jacek and we used Meteor, HTML5 and CSS.

Attention marketplace: Ozaur

Use Bitcoins to bid on people's attention. I built it with Jacek. This project did not get much traction so now it is only alive on Github. We developed it using: Coinbase API, Flask, Python, HTML, CSS and JS.