Here you will find some papers that I wrote during my academic career.

Feel free to quote them with reference.

"Combined effects of biperiden and acute tryptophan depletion on memory in healthy volunteers: an EEG study"

Research Raport, Maastricht University (English)

I wrote this raport as part of my classes during a student's exchange I participated in at Maastricht University in Netherlands. I analyzed a portion of EEG data, which was part of a bigger project led by brilliant Ph.D. Anke Sambeth.
The aim of this study was to investigate the combining effect of acute tryptophan depletion and biperiden on human memory. These medicines have an effect on the serotoninergic and cholinergic systems which are involved in cognitive processes. I discovered an interesting effect that they had on P600 peak. In this paper, you will find all of the details.

"Event-related potentials and false recognition"

Research Raport, Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (English)

This raport is based on research conducted at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Polish Academy of Science. I worked as a research assistant intern at Laboratory of Psychophysiology, with lead professor Anna Grabowska.
We investigated false recognition. This is a form of misattribution, in which individuals mistakenly claim that a novel item is familiar. It was investigated using an EEG measuring brain activity during mistakes. The examination investigated event-related potentials, which are correlated with perception of words and pictures. The aim of the study was to investigate the false recognition of highly emotional picture stimuli. All of the details and diagrams are described in paper.

"Personality traits and smell preferences"

Master Thesis, Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (Polish)

The goal of the research was to analyze corellation between personality traits (measured by EPQR-S questionnaire) and smell preferences (measured by my own scale). I conducted the study on 120 participants and I received novel results.
I found that more introverted individuals evaluate the smells of rose, musk and pear as weaker, than less introverted people. I discovered, that more neurotic people, perceived the smell of mint as weak and calming. In the paper, you will find all of the other interesting results and a brief history of smell research.